Houston Jaguar Repair

Jaguar, over the years, has lived up to its namesake. The company produces some of the most-loved sedans and sports cars in existence. Sleek and elegant, fast and unrivalled, the Jaguar is in its own league.

At J&T Automotive we have an unparalleled passion for the Jaguar brand.  Since 1989 we have had the gratification of working on a variety of Jaguar models from many different eras, comprising E-Types, XK’s, XJ’s, Mark 2’s and many more.

Our trained and certified technicians have extensive knowledge when it comes to Jaguars. Classic or modern, we have the tools and skills necessary to handle all your Jaguar’s maintenance, service and repair needs. We are outfitted to handle all warranty work, eliminating the need to spend unnecessary time and money at a dealership. If you want to keep your Jag in pristine condition, trust J&T Automotive and call or schedule an appointment today.