About Us

About Us

Welcome to J&T Automotive, the number one independent automotive repair shop in the Houston/Memorial Villages area. As a family-run business, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Our focus is on quality and timeliness, offering the most family-friendly automotive service options in the area.

We love to share the story of J&T Automotive because we believe it demonstrates our love for family, our commitment to our customers, and a constant dedication to hard work. Keep reading to learn a little bit about our background, and stop by anytime to say hello.

Humble Roots

J&T Automotive’s history stretches back more than 40 years, originally founded as a Gulf filling station in 1977. Nick Emmanouil started the business when the area was made up of mostly farmland before converting into present-day Spring Valley. As the area transformed from chicken coops and open fields to family homes, schools, and commerce, Nick decided to expand from just filling up the cars to repairing them.

Nick helped his younger brother John move from their home island of Leros, Greece located in the Southern Aegean Sea. The brothers transformed the corner of Campbell and Westview into Spring Valley Firestone, where they worked around the clock to provide a personal experience for each and every neighbor who blessed them with business. Nick and John were always active in the community, sponsoring school teams, and providing outreach programs to the elderly and less fortunate in the area.

For Nick and John, Spring Valley was home and they lived by the mantra that you must set examples through actions and not just words. They also knew the success of their business was directly tied to the success of their neighbors. A safe and reliable vehicle ensured you could get to work and provide for your family, an idea that was very important to the two Greek brothers with a strong work ethic since childhood. Everyone in Spring Valley knew the Greeks were hard workers and trusted Nick and John to keep them on the road as the Houston population grew exponentially.

Success Through Service

The immigrant success story was epitomized at the corner of Westview and Campbell. The small Gulf station transformed into one of the most successful independent repair shops in Houston. For years Spring Valley Firestone set the example of what hard work, dedication, and love for the community could accomplish by the newest of American citizens. Nick and John built that corner from nothing and they passed the legacy on to their family.

In 1989, the brothers transferred ownership to their extended family. Theo Gardias and his father-in-law, Jimmy “the Greek” Proios, changed the name from Spring Valley Firestone to J&T Automotive. While the name may have changed, the dedication to family and service remained the same. Theo and Jimmy expanded on Nick and John’s vision of providing honest and fair automotive repair with every customer interaction. They made it their mission to treat everyone like family.

Family First, Always

When Theo Gardias’s health began to decline, he made sure the business remained in the family. Today, Nick’s son Zach runs the shop with the same grit and dedication as his father and uncles. Zach was born in Houston but spent the majority of his childhood in Leros, learning the trade from family members who owned automotive repair shops throughout Greece. Being the son of the shop’s founder did him little favors, though.

Theo put Zach to work learning the business and giving him little slack in the process. Zach was fired almost weekly and given the most menial tasks in the shop. Through trial by fire, Theo helped Zach become the leader J&T Automotive needed for the future of the automotive repair industry. Theo also ensured that Zach maintained the legacy created by his father and uncle back in the 70’s. History has a way of repeating itself, with both Nick and John’s sons working at the business today. Even Theo’s son, Soto, plays a role in the business.

Commitment to Quality

Fast forward to today and you will find J&T Automotive leads the area as the #1 independent repair shop with the same values it was founded on. Honest work and the well-being of our customers always come first. J&T has come a long way since it’s days as a Gulf station, and we continue to be a trusted source for the Houston and Memorial Villages areas.

We hope you don’t take our word for it, though. Come by and see for yourself how J&T Automotive treats our customers. We promise to make you feel at home with quality service and the best customer care.

We realize you have a choice when choosing an automotive repair shop and hope you will put your trust in us. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 713-464-2312 and speak to one of our service advisors.


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