BMW Alignment

The BMW dealer would like you to believe they are the only ones able to perform a wheel alignment on BMW models. They want you to believe they are the only ones with the proper equipment and training to perform a BMW alignment. Funny thing is, J&T Automotive utilizes the same equipment as the BMW dealer.

The BMW alignment system referred to as KDS is built by Hunter and setup with BMW-designed software capabilities. The fundamental system, nevertheless, is designed and manufactured by Hunter.

When it comes to the ability to perform BMW alignment work, the dealerships act as if they have the market cornered with their access to BMW designed software features. Additionally the dealerships claim that they are solely capable of dealing with specific BMW designed features, like active steering.

BMW Alignment Equipment

Any properly equipped and experienced independent repair shop with extensive knowledge of BMW suspensions, such as J&T Automotive, can perfectly align your BMW car or SUV. Experience is the key ingredient to a shops ability to properly complete a BMW alignment. The alignment techs at dealership service departments are typically just above the oil change techs and do not have the same experience in BMW alignment technicians employed by J&T Automotive.

The equipment a shop utilizes is an important factor in its ability to perform a perfect BMW alignment. J&T Automotive is proud to use the most up-to-date Hunter equipment available. We have invested a lot to make sure our equipment is state of the art and that our technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of its use and capabilities. J&T Automotive has the same equipment as the dealer and can perform any repair on any BMW model. Our BMW alignment technicians have decades of experience working on the brand and can solve any issue quickly and professionally.

Another equipment related factor to consider when choosing an independent shop for a BMW alignment is whether they have the ability to recalibrate the steering angle sensor. This part is critical to the electronic stability control system which processes the rate of turn and position angle of the steering wheel. Be careful on which independent repair shop you use for your BMW alignment, they often are equipped with outdated systems which are not capable of handling the BMW steering angle sensor recalibration. The Hunter alignment system utilized by J&T Automotive is equipped to accurately recalibrate your BMW steering angle sensor, guaranteed!

A final recommendation when searching for a local shop to perform your BMW alignment is to find one that can perform a road force balance to complement the wheel alignment. Here at J&T Automotive we have extensive familiarity with vehicle pull issues which have been traced back to problems with tires instead of with the alignment. To reduce the influence of tire issues, an accurate road force balance should be performed.

If you have any questions or concerns about your BMW alignment, please call a friendly service adviser at 713-464-2312. As always, your AUTO is our MOTIVE!