BMW Cabin Air Filter

Both you and your car’s engine will breathe better by replacing the BMW cabin air filter yearly. Most drivers do not realize this and allow this important filter to go unchanged for way too long.

When Should I Change My BMW Cabin Air Filter?

Replace Your BMW Cabin Air Filter Regularly Spring has arrived and you have been driving with your windows up all winter. If you live in Texas you most likely drive your vehicle with the windows closed and A/C on pretty much year round, which will confine stale air, germs, bacteria, and dust particles.

Why Should I Change My BMW Cabin Air Filter?

Smoking only worsens the air quality since these odors cling to the upholstery, carpet, and headliner. One of the largest perpetrators for introducing pollutants derive from the shoes of drivers and passengers. The first time you turn your A/C on maximum in spring, dust, dirt, mud, and debris left in the carpet during the winter will blow in your face when the A/C intake system is close to both the driver and passenger foot well.
What Does My BMW Cabin Air Filter Do?

BMW cabin air filters are intended to entrap and contain all foreign particles in the air. This is a big advance compared to the window screen filtration system of the pre-1990 BMW models. Regrettably a majority of owners are not cognizant this BMW cabin air filter even exists and needs yearly changing, and more frequently in high traffic areas that are dusty.

Think Houston freeways under constant construction! A simple sign that you alerts you of a dirty BMW cabin air filter is the air condition no longer blows as powerful as it did when the vehicle was new. Comparable to a filthy engine air filter, blockages decrease airflow and air capacity.

We here at J&T Automotive have run into instances where customers had removed their BMW cabin air filters and intentionally left out a replacement filter. Although this does increase a/c pressure, it also pollutes the ventilation system and obstructs the vehicle’s evaporator core.
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Some manufacturers offer replacement filters which utilize active carbon that not only filter out dirt particles, but pet and smoke odors as well. Active carbon is a perfect solution to the pungent, dank odor of a smoker’s automobile when the air condition is running.