BMW Condition Based Service (CBS)
The smart maintenance system known as BMW CBS perpetually monitors fluid levels and the amount of wear and tear on specific components. It also displays the time and mileage intervals for routine services. The system evaluates this information and alerts the driver when the next service is due.

BMW iDrive Control Display
Vehicle stats can be viewed on your BMW Info Display, which conveniently alerts you every 4 weeks. The iDrive Control Display shows precise data on specific component that require attention. This allows you to plan your next maintenance appointment with advance notice. Staying vigilant with your routine BMW service will allow you to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

With the glare-free display, you are able to safely access all pertinent vehicle data while driving.

The iDrive Control Display offers a basic summary of all tasks that can be executed via the iDrive Controller includes:

• Info from the on-board computer
• Sound system and radio settings
• Navigation system directions
• Real-time traffic data from BMW Assist
• Vehicle’s up-to-date service status

The LCD screen delivers superb contrast and provides a vibrant, glare-free display from any angle. Cabin illumination is automatically measured and adjusted by a light sensor connected to the Control Display to ensure that information remains easily readable in both night and day driving. The main menu is separated into the following categories: BMW Assist, Car Data, Climate, Communication, Entertainment, Help, Navigation, and Settings. Paired with the iDrive Controller, its common-sense configuration allows easy access to all vehicle functionality. The systems smart design keeps you from being distracted from the joy of driving the ultimate driving machine.