Ford Services Houston

Ford Services Houston

Ford drivers in Houston and Spring Branch need an automotive expert they can trust. Anytime you experience issues with your Ford car or truck, J&T Automotive is your answer to a quick and painless solution. As experts in both domestic and foreign vehicle services, the highly qualified technicians at J&T Automotive can keep your Ford running smoothly and operating efficiently. Keep reading to learn about the various Ford services J&T Automotive provides for drivers in the Houston area.

Ford AC

Your air conditioner is a necessity, especially in the summer heat that hits Houston each year. When the AC in your Ford goes out, it can leave you feeling miserable. The technicians at J&T Automotive are skilled in every aspect of your Ford AC, including knobs and vents, fan motors, vacuum systems, and the refrigerant cooling system. Working on your own Ford AC system can be a tricky, so leaving it to the professionals is the best bet. Trusting Ford-certified technicians with your AC problems ensures your car is well cared for, and your issue is resolved in a timely manner.

Ford Alignment

Ford cars are extremely reliable. Unfortunately, all vehicles may experience alignment issues at some time. Regularly checking your alignment can help you maintain the performance of your vehicle. While we usually remember to change our oil, tire alignment often goes to the wayside. However, it is a very important part of keeping your vehicle in top operating condition. Tire alignment involves adjusting the suspension system of your vehicle to keep your tires at the right angle. By maintaining proper alignment, your tires connect with the road evenly and have even wear and tear. Your tires will last longer and you will not have to worry about crooked wheels, unusual vibration, or passive pulling.

Ford Brakes

We all know that your brakes are essential to the operation of your vehicle. In order to maintain safety while driving, for you and other drivers on the road, you should keep your Ford brakes in optimal condition. Your brakes perform a difficult job and they are used frequently, which causes them to wear over time. If your brakes are experiencing any issues, you should have them inspected by a skilled technician as soon as possible. Common brake issues include a soft pedal or hard pedal that impacts your ability to brake, brakes hanging up, hard vibrations, or squealing noises. At J&T Automotive, you can trust that your brake issues will be handled by experienced technicians, certified to work on Ford cars.

Ford Cabin Air Filter

Your Ford cabin air filter is responsible for keeping dust and pollen out of the cab of your vehicle. According to Ford, you should have your cabin air filter replaced at least once each year or around every 10,000 miles. Depending on your vehicle and driving conditions, you may need your Ford cabin air filter inspected or replaced on a more frequent basis. By maintaining a clean cabin air filter, you can improve the air flow in your car. A clean air filter also keeps the air inside your car clean and healthy to breath. When your Ford cabin air filter is dirty or clogged, it cannot efficiently remove allergens or dust from the air. While some drivers can replace their cabin air filter themselves, it is best to leave the task to trained professionals.

Ford Electric

Your car is made up of a variety of electrical components that keep it running smoothly. With technological advances being made in the automotive industry, Ford electric systems are made up of complex wires and sensors, computers and communication parts. Despite the complicated nature of electric systems, Ford-certified technicians can quickly diagnose electrical issues and repair them properly.