The automatic air conditioning of your BMW allows you to experience the most comfortable climate year round. BMW AC systems allow you to breathe easy due to their intuitive controls and   independently modifiable settings, which assure an enjoyable ambiance along with excellent ventilation consistently.

Upon activation, the automatic BMW AC system directs outside fresh air into the vehicle by cooling the air, reducing humidity and, contingent on temp settings, warms it once more. Precision control of air temp, volume, and quality is allowed whether in automatic or manual mode.

Airflow and air quantity is steadily distributed, holding the temperature selected in automatic mode. BMW AC also come with a convertible mode that is centered on variables such as speed, outside temperature, and sun levels. These BMW AC settings are permanently reflected on the cabin display when the convertible mode is engaged.

In addition, the BMW AC system contains an assortment of extra features. Driver and passenger can individually control different interior temperatures for personal comfort. It contains autonomous air vents for seats in both the front and rear, along with vents for the “B” column. BMW AC systems also feature a temperature-controlled cargo area. The max AC setting rapidly cools the vehicle interior on scorching Houston days. The BMW AC even has the ability to maintain a comfy cabin when the engine is turned off.

BMW AC Controls

The elements to control the automatic AC are centrally positioned, within reach of all vehicle occupants. Contingent on your specific model, the iDrive and Control Display may also be utilized to alter the settings on your BMW AC system. A “memory” feature remembers your desired settings and reverts to them once you resume operating your BMW.

BMW AC Repair

BMW AC issues in Houston, especially in the summer months, will make operating your “Ultimate Driving Machine” a miserable experience.  J&T Automotive is Houston’s #1 independent BMW repair shop since 1989 and we are here to provide much needed relief.

What is the purpose of driving a luxury automobile if its air conditioning cannot keep you cool and comfortable when driving? BMW AC repairs will permit you to drive comfortably and return your automobile to its luxury status. J&T Automotive can fix your BMW AC problems, allowing you to once again drive in Houston without sticking to your seat or drenching your outfit with sweat (Yuck!).

The thought of AC repair can make a BMW owner sick because they believe the issue will end up costing an arm and a leg, needing numerous parts and many hours of labor to complete.
It is our experience that most BMW AC problems can be resolved easily, with nominal cost. For example, servicing your AC repair could be as simple as recharging the Freon which would be cheaper than replacing a broken BMW compressor. The way to minimize the cost of BMW AC repair is bring your automobile to J&T Automotive for an AC check prior to components wearing out.

Any issue with your BMW air conditioning or engine cooling systems during the Texas summer months can become a major problem. Bring your vehicle in to J&T Automotive today and allow our expert BMW technicians to get your air conditioning back to cooling like a champ! You own the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and you deserve to drive in comfort, no matter what the outside temperature.