Chevrolet Alignment

Chevrolet Alignment

Are you still taking your Chevrolet vehicle to the dealer for alignment services? The skilled technicians at J&T Automotive can provide top quality alignment services for your vehicle, using the same equipment and techniques at the Chevy dealership. Best of all, we can provide this service for a lower cost with a higher level of customer care.

What are alignment services?

Alignment, also known as tire alignment or wheel alignment, involves adjusting your vehicle’s suspension. This adjustment helps your tires perform better and last longer while you drive. Proper alignment adjusts the angles of your tires, which impacts how they make contact on the road.

Wheel alignment does not actually involve adjusting your car’s tires. The process is focused on the suspension. Your car’s suspension connects the wheels to the vehicle and has a great impact on how your tires function as well as their lifespan.

When do you need a tire alignment?

Putting off your vehicle’s tire alignment can cause severe issues for your vehicle. If you notice any of the following issues, it is probably time to get your wheels aligned. Our skilled Chevrolet technicians can check your vehicle for these problems and resolve the issue with tire alignment services.

  • The tread wear on your tires is uneven
  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right when you drive
  • Your steering wheel is not centered even when you are driving straight
  • The steering wheel has a strong vibration while driving

Why do you need Chevrolet alignment services?

The health of your tires and vehicle alignment greatly impacts the operation and performance of your vehicle. As Houston’s top independent provider of Chevrolet repair services, J&T Automotive understands the importance of proper alignment for your wheels. Poor alignment can result in a variety of issues that make it unsafe to drive your car.

  • Improper wheel alignment will reduce the life of your tires. You will find yourself needing new tires on a more frequent basis, which can cost a great deal of time and money.
  • Uneven tread wear makes it unsafe to drive your vehicle. If the damage on a tire is too great, you will need a premature replacement. You could also blow a tire while driving.
  • When your steering wheel pulls to one side, this can impact how you drive. The problem is caused by misalignment and needs to be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Your drive is less comfortable when your wheels are misaligned. There will be more vibration in the steering wheel and the drive will be more bumpy overall.
  • Your ability to turn in one direction or another will be limited by misalignment. The steering wheel will not line up straight as well.
  • Your tires are more prone to flats or tire blowouts if your wheel alignment is off. There is more friction on your wheels when they are out of alignment.

Chevrolet Alignment Service in Houston, TX

Choosing the right repair shop for your alignment service is crucial. Some shops use old equipment that is not up to date with current methods and safety standards. Also, you should check that your repair shop is able to recalibrate any sensors on your vehicles.

J&T Automotive uses the latest technology and equipment for Chevrolet alignment services. You can trust that your vehicle is repaired using the highest quality safety standards. Our experienced technicians are trained to handle the unique needs of your vehicle.