Chevrolet Brake Service

Chevrolet Brake Service

Chevrolet Brake Service

Your break system is crucial to your car’s safety. Being able to brake when needed will keep you and your passengers safe while you are out on the roads. Routine inspections can keep your brakes operating smoothing and extend the life of your brakes. J&T Automotive is your #1 source for Chevrolet brake service in Houston. As the #1 independent Chevrolet brake shop in the area, we can inspect all elements of your brake system and ensure they are working properly.

Routine Chevrolet Brake Service

Scheduling regular brake maintenance can help your car operate better and last longer. The brake system in your Chevy relies on many components that keep you safe while you drive. Each part needs to be inspected and serviced regularly to make sure that they work well together.

Brake service involves checking each component of your brake system to guarantee the health of your vehicle and the operations of your brakes. Also, brake services can alert you to worn out parts, so you can replace these items before they cause serious issues for your vehicle. Regular brake service is much more cost effective than repairing major break issues or replacing your brakes.

Brake Pad Replacement

Depending on your model of vehicle, you should replace your brake pads on a regular basis. Thankfully, it takes thousands of miles for your brake pads to wear down. In most cases, brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles. For some cars, it is necessary to replace your break pads every 25, 000 miles.

Different factors will impact how often you should replace your breaks, such as usage, driving conditions, and your environment. In some cases, it is possible for brake pads to last for up to 70,000, though that is not generally recommended.

Do you need to replace your brakes?

While brake replacement can seem like a headache, it is essential for your safety while you drive. As mentioned above, there are many components that make up your braking system, so it may only be necessary to replace certain parts instead of the entire system. Keep reading to learn about common issues that may result in replacing your brake pads or servicing your brakes.

  • Your brake pads are thin. This can cause a variety of issues with your brake system.
  • You notice a squealing noise or a scarping sound when you brake. This could be caused by thin brake pads, something caught between the brake pad and disc, or moisture and dust in the breaking system.
  • You find that braking becomes jittery over time, which indicates that your rotors may be warped.
  • You smell something pungent. This could indicate that oil is burning, or you have driven with the parking brake engaged. Also, your brakes could be overheating due to hot conditions.
  • You feel a strong vibration or pull on your steering wheel. If your brake pedal or steering wheel is vibrating significantly during braking points, you may have an uneven rotor service. Also, you can experience rough braking or a pulling steering wheel from an issue with your brake caliper.

Chevrolet Brake Service in Houston, TX

J&T Automotive is the #1 independent Chevrolet repair shop in the Houston area. We have more than 30 years of experience with Chevrolet vehicles, including comprehensive brake services and replacement. No matter what issue you are experiencing with your brakes, our qualified technicians can diagnose and resolve the issue efficiently.

You can schedule regular maintenance for your brakes to keep them healthy and working properly. We will ensure that the most important system of your car is operating correctly to keep you and your passengers safe. If you are experiencing a more serious or complex brake issue, we can troubleshoot the problem to come up with an effective solution.