Chevrolet Transmission Service

Chevrolet Transmission Service

Chevrolet Transmission

Without the transmission, your car would be incapable of getting you from Point A to Point B. While we all know it is a necessary part of your car, the actual functionality of the transmission can be complex. As part of your gearbox, the transmission keeps your car driving efficiently.

What is a transmission?

Your car’s transmission ensures that your wheels get the power they need to drive at a specific speed – no more and no less. Your Chevrolet transmission can be compared to the gears on a bicycle. Shifting gears is necessary to maintain the right speed and keep your car moving forward.

Automatic transmissions shift gears automatically, without driver intervention. Automatic transmissions have torque converters that can detect changes in speed and shift gears. Manual transmissions work more like multi-speed bicycles. The driver adjusts the gear shifter to move the car into a different gear. This adjustment enables your vehicle to keep up with the change in speed.

The transmission keeps the RPMs, or revolutions per minute, low. This allows your car to drive efficiently by preventing your engine from overloading and lowers your fuel consumption. The transmission transfers speed and momentum into a power source for your whole car. The engine generates power, and your Chevrolet transmission is responsible for transmitting that power to the wheels of your car.

Common Chevrolet transmission problems

An automatic transmission is a complex piece of machinery. In fact, an automatic transmission can be more complicated and expensive to repair than issues with your engine. Staying in the know when it comes to your transmission can help prevent issues from becoming more serious and expensive. There are several common issues related to Chevrolet transmissions.

  • A shaking sensation or grinding noise when shifting gears can indicate damaged gears for your transmission. You should have your transmission checked as soon as possible because this issue can be time sensitive.
  • If there is a delay in response when you put your car in gear, there could be a problem with your transmission fluid. If your transmission does not engage, the fluid could be the cause or a computer system issue could be the culprit.
  • When you notice humming or clunking noises, the transmission fluid could be breaking down. The fluid keeps the gears lubricated, and fluid that breaks down can cause a lot of friction.
  • If you notice a burning smell, it is always a sign of a problem. When your transmission overheats, the friction could lead to an unusual smell.
  • Your car can slip out of gear and cause a scary situation. This could be the sign of an issue between your transmission and the computer in your car. The signal could be malfunctioning.
  • If there is leaking transmission fluid, you will notice red or dirty red fluid leaking from your car. A leak is always a serious issue because it can cause your transmission to break down completely.
  • Your check engine light may come on if there is a problem with your transmission. Of course the check engine light can indicate a wide range of problems, but your Chevrolet transmission contains sensors that would set off the light.

How to maintain your Chevy transmission

The experienced professionals at J&T Automotive can keep your transmission running smoothly to avoid serious issues and more costly repairs. We will regularly check your transmission fluid, replace old fluid with the right type of fluid, and keep your engine’s cooling system operating efficiently. Regularly flushing your transmission at least once a year can help your vehicle operate at the right temperature.