Chevrolet Warning Lights

Chevrolet Warning Lights

There are many Chevrolet warning lights that indicate problems with your vehicle. These lights are in place to help keep you safe as you drive and identify issues before they become dangerous. While there are a lot of warning lights that could appear, some of the most common are listed below.

Check engine light

Your Chevy check engine light is also known as a malfunction indicator lamp. It is the light that looks like the outline of an engine. This light could indicate a variety of problems related to your engine as well as your emissions system. You should bring your car in for service when this light comes on and stays on. It may also start flashing, which is a sign that service is needed as soon as possible.

Brake system or ABS warning light

The brake light is an exclamation mark surrounded by a circle or parentheses: (!). You may also notice the antilock brake system light which is ABS surrounded by a circle or parentheses: (ABS). These lights indicate issues with your brake system, including worn brake pads or low brake fluid. If these lights are on, it can indicate a safety risk.

Charging system

Your charging system light looks like the outline of a car battery with plus and minus sounds, and it indicates problems with the charging system of your car. There may be a drain on your battery, which can cause your car to stop at some point. If the charging system light comes on and stays on, you should have the battery checked soon.

Tire pressure monitor

Your tire pressure monitor light looks like a cross section of a tire and has an exclamation mark. When this light comes on, it is an indication that one of your tires has low pressure and is underinflated. You should stop when you can and check the pressure of your tires to avoid a blowout.

Engine coolant temperature

Your engine coolant temperature light looks like a thermometer and indicates that your vehicle has reached an unsafe temperature. It monitors your cooling system, and you should take this light seriously to avoid your car overheating.

Oil pressure

Your oil pressure light looks like a small oil can with a drop of oil. This is a serious warning because it indicates that your oil pressure is too low in your engine or your engine has too little oil.

Traction control system (TCS) light

The traction control system light looks like a vehicle with wavy tire tracks behind it. It should come on when you start your car but disappear quickly. If the light stays on and starts flashing, your traction control system is active. If the light stays on without flashing, your system may not be working properly.

What do you do if a Chevrolet warning light comes on?

If a warning light comes on in your car, it can lead to panic. However, you can stay calm and trust your vehicle to the professionals. Our qualified team at J&T Automotive is able to identify any Chevrolet warning light and resolve the issue before it becomes a safety risk. Anytime an indicator light comes on in your Chevy, you can rest assured knowing an experienced mechanic will solve the problem quickly and efficiently.