Mercedes Brakes

The brakes on your Mercedes-Benz are critical to you and your family’s safety. Ignoring the signs and Mercedes warning lights could lead to more costly repairs as well as putting everyone at risk for serious injury. Your Mercedes brakes keep everyone safe!

Mercedes brake rotors are much different than those found on domestic vehicles, they are constructed with a minimal thickness in order to remove unnecessary weight. This means that they are not able to be “turned”, and must be replaced once worn past Mercedes’ specifications. Mercedes brake rotors are sensitive to warping from heat, and overheating brakes are the next most common cause of failure behind wear and tear.

J&T Automotive Tips to Save Money on Mercedes Brake Repairs:

Routinely Inspect Your Mercedes Brakes with Your Eyes & Ears

It is a good idea every six months to visually inspect the condition of your Mercedes brakes.

When inspection, look for the following:

Mercedes brake rotors must be inspected along both sides of the surface for any grooves or observable flaws. If flaws are located, your rotors must be immediately replaced. Any discoloration of the rotor may signal overheating; an inspection by a J&T Automotive Mercedes brake technician would be advised.

Mercedes brake pads will typically match rotor scoring but must also be checked for surface damage or uneven wear. Again, if flaws are discovered, have your pads immediately replaced. Numerous vehicles also have brake pad sensors that warn you of worn pads. Should your Mercedes use sensors, replace them along with the pads.

Mercedes brake drums, if equipped, also require regular inspection. Look for similar flaws as noted above. The drums must not have excessive grooves or have a profound “channel” burrowed into them where the shoes ride.

Mercedes brake shoes, if equipped, must be worn evenly and not contain rivets brushing against the friction side.

Check calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses and fittings for any hydraulic fluid leakage.

A spongy feeling brake pedal or one that has gone lower underfoot should be brought in to J&T Automotive for inspection by a trained Mercedes technician. The cause could be worn pads, a sticking caliper, low fluid or problems with the hydraulic system. If you are unable to pump your brakes, then you most likely have hydraulic problem that must be addressed. Should you frequently require pumping your brakes up, you likely need to replace the hydraulic fluid.

In order to inspect Mercedes brakes by sound, listen for any squeaking or grinding.

Many vehicles have a minor brushing sound from the brake pads casually touching the rotors. This sound is normal. Sounds to be concerned with include:

Squeaking caused by either loose pads vibration against worn pads, or simply dust/dirt on the brakes.

Rhythmic noise could be a sign that you have a warped brake rotor. In this case, your brakes pulsate instead of squeaking. In severe cases, the actual brake pedal will pulsate as you press down.

IMPORTANT: Once you notice ANY problem, get it fixed as soon as possible. Postponing brake repairs is dangerous.

Overloaded rotors and drums will eventually stop working. Brakes may become too damaged or worn for you to safely stop your Mercedes in emergency situations.

Even if you avoid physical injury, the longer you postpone repairing your brake issues, the more you increase the cost of repairs.

Severely overheated, warped, or warn rotors will eventually damage wheel bearings and the entire wheel hub assembly. These components frequently cost as much or even more than the actual brakes themselves.

J&T Automotive is Houston’s #1 Independent Repair Shop for Mercedes Brakes

When looking for a reputable Mercedes Service shop in Houston, remember two important things:

1.     Find a shop that only uses original equipment manufactured (OEM) built for your specific Mercedes-Benz. Other independent repair shops may quote you a cheaper price, but it comes at a cost.   Those other repair shops will use less expensive parts that are not OEM and will adversely affect your Mercedes braking performance. J&T Automotive Mercedes service will allow you trouble-free driving and a peace of mind that comes from our use of parts that were specifically built for your exact year model.

2.     Find a shop that has great reviews. J&T Automotive stands behind every job and it shows in our online reviews. We take pride in treating every customer like family and our reputation for that is solid in the community. We have been maintaining, repairing, and servicing Mercedes vehicles in the Houston/Spring Branch area since 1989.