Mercedes AC

When you need Mercedes AC service and repair in the Houston area, you can count on J&T Automotive to get the job done quickly and at a competitive price. Mercedes ACWe have a great reputation for top quality repairs on all Mercedes-Benz models and have been Houston’s #1 independent repair shop since 1989. We welcome you to bring J&T Automotive your vehicle for all service, maintenance, and repair needs including your Mercedes AC. You can trust that our certified technicians will carefully check your Mercedes AC system for potential causes of failure or cooling deficiency. Our technician will systematically inspect your Mercedes AC system in order to isolate any issues.

Mercedes AC:

System Refrigerant Recharge

A common Mercedes AC service in Houston is a refrigerant recharge. Despite not having a leak, it is possible to experience refrigerant loss every year, which can make your Mercedes AC not feel as cold as it did a few years ago. Nevertheless, prior to recharging the unit with refrigerant, J&T Automotive advises inspecting the entire Mercedes AC system for leakages, including: hose fittings, hoses, evaporator, condenser, orifice tubes, component seals, rings, clamps, and fittings. Any of these factors may develop a leak because of engine heat combined with climate conditions weakening the rubber components. Our Mercedes technician will perform a vacuum test to determine if it can hold a vacuum. If a vacuum cannot be held, then a leak will be the cause. Finding the leak may take a bit of detective work, we can either utilize a color dye with a black light or an electronic detector to locate the leak. Once the source of the leak has been identified, we are able to make the needed repairs. Low refrigerant may trigger the compressor to cycle off. When the compressor makes a clicking noise, the clutch is functioning but the refrigerant is too low for the compressor to stay on. A common Mercedes AC issue can either be a broken belt or a slipping belt, which can be replaced or adjusted accordingly. One other symptom might be a squealing sound from the air conditioning clutch trying to activate.

Compressor Failure

Your Mercedes AC issue might be attributed to a locked-up compressor, which may be related to an incorrect quantity of refrigerant oil in the system. This could be the core reason for a lock-up caused by leaks, because the oil is the first item to leak out of the system. If your Mercedes AC system does not have the correct amount of refrigerant oil, it can quicken the weakening of the compressor’s vanes. If the compressor starts to fail and is already making noise, the small vanes, valves, cylinders, bearings, piston rings inside the compressor may fail, leaving small deposits of debris to throughout the system including creating deposits in the condenser, orifice tube, evaporator hose gatherings, and also the filter drier. In these cases, it is ideal to turn the Mercedes AC off to diminish damage, despite some cooling. You should then bring your vehicle to J&T Automotive for diagnosis and service prior to running the air conditioning again. Ignoring the issue may cause major and expensive damage to the entire Mercedes AC system. Should the AC system not be flushed correctly or the right amount of refrigerant oil added while being repaired, the issue will occur again with deposits striking the new compressor causing another failure. This is why it is imperative you bring your vehicle to the Mercedes air conditioning experts at J&T Automotive, where we have been servicing and maintaining Mercedes-Benz since 1989.

Compressor Clutch Repair

Should the clutch engage when you have the air on and you observe a small grinding noise emanating from the compressor, the clutch mechanism may be at fault. The Mercedes AC clutch could be exchanged, since it is an isolated component and can be changed without disturbing any other air conditioning component. J&T Automotive prides itself on only using OEM parts recommended by the manufacturer for all Mercedes service and repair.