Mercedes Electric

Modern-day Mercedes-Benz vehicles comprise of complex electrical systems, with many interrelated computers, data components, as well as fiber optic connections. The days mercedes-electricwhen repairs to electrical systems could be performed with a flathead and a test light are pretty much gone with the wind. The experienced Mercedes electric technicians at J&T Automotive employ cutting edge computer diagnostic systems that are integrated with Bosch repair databases to troubleshoot and repair any issue. Bring your Mercedes to our shop if you are experiencing any electric issue, do not risk damaging your vehicle’s computer system by putting off needed repairs.

J&T Automotive is capable of programming your Mercedes engine control systems along with other computer components. We are well equipped to repair any electrical issues with your Mercedes-Benz, even if the so-called “experts” at the dealer repair facility cannot. We have plenty of customers who have come to us when the expensive dealer mechanics have been stumped with Mercedes electric issues, check our reviews.

Some Examples of Our Mercedes Electric Repair Jobs:

Airbag systems – SRS and next generation SRS
Antilock brakes – ABS – including, Sensotronic braking
Mercedes-Benz navigation and entertainment systems
Electronic stability control – ESP
Fans, blowers, and motors
Air conditioning and heating systems
Motor management – Motronic, Jetronic, as well as others
Relays and switches
Spark plugs, wires, and other ignition parts
Alternators and starters
Transmission control
Vehicle security systems
Windshield wipers
Wire harnesses including Mercedes CAN bus systems

Mercedes Electric Component Repair

It is suggested you thoroughly inspect and test the components of your Mercedes electrical system every two years to prevent a Mercedes electrical repair. J&T Automotive load tests to definite standards, gauging the circuit loads to operate within 80% to 100%:

  • Mercedes-Benz alternator
  • Mercedes-Benz battery
  • Mercedes-Benz fuses, relays, relays, spark plugs, and switches
  • Mercedes-Benz starter
  • Mercedes-Benz voltage regulator

We only use OEM Mercedes electrical parts, and state of the art equipment to efficiently diagnose any Mercedes electrical problems.

If you encounter any of these warning signals, we suggest you contact our experts to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Mercedes warning light for electric fault is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes engine is slow cranking or not cranking at all
  • Mercedes is requiring a jump start often
  • Mercedes electrical components or accessories are not functioning properly
  • Mercedes fuses keep blowing

Troubleshooting an Electrical Problem

Mysterious battery drain, blown fuses, electrical shorts – these are often tough to isolate.

J&T Automotive receives many calls asking for help troubleshooting Mercedes electric issues. These types of glitches are very difficult, if not impossible, to diagnose via the telephone. Shorts and open circuits are nearly impossible for remote diagnoses. Often times there is more than one issue concealing the diagnosis. Sometimes, exchanging one part will not fix the issue, as there is typically an electrical reason why the problem appeared to begin with. On the other hand it may be as simple as merely replacing a fuse. Point being, by bringing your Mercedes into our clean and reputable service center, we will be able to accurately diagnose your electrical issue and get you back on the road in a safe vehicle.