Mercedes Warning Lights

These are common Mercedes Warning Lights that will appear on your dashboard console whenever their is an issue that requires your attention.  Mercedes Warning Lights indicate an issue with your vehicle.  Ignoring your Mercedes Warning Lights could cause severe, even irreparable damage to your engine.  Please consult your Mercedes owner’s manual or call J&T Automotive immediately for more information on your specific Mercedes Warning Lights indicator that has illuminated on your console.

Mercedes Warning Lights – What They Mean


mercedes-abs-lightABS Light

ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) is disabled due to a fault.  ESP (Electronic Stability Program), BAS (Brake Assist), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and hill start are also deactivated. The brake system resumes to operate normally, but minus the above listed functions.

mercedes-airbag-lightAirbag Light

There is a failure in the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System).  This could prevent an airbag from deploying in a collision. J&T Automotive strongly suggests you bring your vehicle to our independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop immediately.


mercedes-attention-assist-lightAttention Assist

By constantly monitoring a range of driving manners, this innovation of Mercedes-Benz can visually and audibly signal the driver if it senses indications of sleepiness on extended trips.


Brake Lightmercedes-brake-light

The parking brake is on while you are driving. Avoid damaging the braking system by releasing the parking brake.


mercedes-coolant-lightCoolant Light

A red coolant light indicates your Mercedes may have a defective temperature gauge or the coolant level is extremely low.  Should the coolant temperature exceed 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius), STOP the Mercedes. Driving the vehicle while the engine is this hot may damage the motor beyond repair.


mercedes-check-engine-lightCheck Engine Light

There may be a fault in the engine management system, the fuel injection system, the exhaust system, the ignition system, or the fuel system. The emission values might be overdone and the engine might be breaking into emergency mode.


mercedes-esc-esp-lightESC or ESP Light

Electronic Stability Control (previously known as ESP, Electronic Stability Program) is deactivated. ESC will not stabilize the vehicle if it starts to skid or if a wheel starts to spin.  Most vehicles have an ESC on/off button. If this icon should appear inside a yellow triangle, then ESC or traction control has intervened because there is a risk of skidding or at least one wheel has started to spin. Cruise control, if engaged, will be deactivated.  If the light remains on the system might have been disabled.


mercedes-gas-lightGas Light

Your fuel level might be low or the fuel system pressure is too low. Examine your fuel level and confirm the filler cap is firmly attached or exchanged. The fuel filler cap may not be shut properly or the fuel system is leaky.


mercedes-seat-belt-indicatorSeat Belt Indicator

The seat belt warning indicator prompts the driver and front passenger to secure their seat belts. Additionally, if you are moving faster than 15 mph without your seat belts secured an audible cautionary alert will beep.


mercedes-tire-pressure-lightTire Pressure Light

The pressure in one or more of your tires is inadequate or has plunged considerably. Low tire pressure produces extreme friction on your tires and may contribute to an unsafe blowout.  Pull over to a secure area and inspect all your tires. Fill-up or change as needed.


mercedes-traction-off-lightTraction Off Light

The ESC (or ESP) system has been disabled.  ESC will not steady the vehicle if it begins to slide or if a wheel begins to spin. Certain automobiles are well appointed with an ESP on/off button. Try to restart the system or bring to J&T Automotive for inspection.


mercedes-battery-lightBattery Light

The battery is not charging.  Potential reasons are a defective alternator, a frayed poly-V-belt, or a fault in the automobile electronics. J&T Automotive will be able to complete a diagnostics test to verify the faults origin and advise you of the needed repair.


mercedes-brake-wear-lightBrake Wear

The brake pads and/or rotors have reached their end and must be replaced. J&T Automotive can inspect your braking system and replace worn components. We only use genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM parts on all repair jobs and have the equipment necessary to complete any repair.



A light bulb has failed. Unlit bulbs lead to partial visibility, both of your vehicle by other drivers, and of the road ahead.  This light can be convoyed with a message on the dashboard indicating which light is not working.


mercedes-steering-wheel-warning-lampSteering Wheel

The power steering assistance is defective. A cautionary tone will correspondingly sound.  You will have to use more energy to drive the automobile, making certain movements risky or challenging. J&T Automotive, the #1 independent Mercedes service shop in Houston will be able to identify the problem and advise the needed service to fix the issue.


mercedes-glow-plug-warningGlow Plug

Diesel engines need heat in the cylinders to function, which is delivered through glow plugs when the motor is cold. This light will be lit once the ignition is turned on till the plugs are heated adequately to turn the engine. The icon will appear as a coil or loops in either yellow or amber.



The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is low. The fluid produces a catalytic reaction to eliminate elements from the exhaust. It plays a vital role in your Mercedes emissions system.