houston maserati repairA customer came to our shop with a 2008 Maserati GranTurismo after first visiting a local Maserati dealer service center. The vehicle needed a four wheel alignment which the dealer told the customer would cost $400 and would require some additional work in excess of a thousand dollars in order for the vehicle to be properly aligned. The customer was not satisfied with the Maserati dealers explanation of the high costs and decided to get a second opinion.

The vehicle was brought to our Maserati repair shop which is equipped with the latest Hunter Alignment system and we successfully performed a four wheel alignment for $180. Our Maserati repair technician was able to correctly align all four wheels of the 2008 GranTurismo for a considerable amount less than the costly dealer.

Keep in mind that not all independent repair shops are capable of properly aligning a Maserati. J&T Automotive has been successfully repairing all Domestic and Foreign vehicles since 1989 because we continuously invest in state of the art equipment as well as in training our technicians in the proper use of said equipment. Not all repair shops are the same when it comes to investing in equipment and training, that is what makes us different, that is what makes us the #1 independent repair shop in Houston.