Two Steps, One Sticker


The 83rd legislative session of Texas passed House Bill 2305 which eliminates the state vehicle inspection sticker. Texas is now moving to a one-sticker system as of March 1, 2015, which has been cleverly marketed as the Two Steps, One Sticker vehicle registration and inspection program. Vehicles registration now depends on passing the vehicle inspection which requires you to visit a local state inspection station such as J&T Automotive. Nothing changes as far as the actual inspection goes, inspection stations will continue checking the same components which are presently inspected. The vehicle owner will receive a Texas Vehicle Inspection Report after the inspection has been performed instead of the traditional state inspection sticker.  The report will keep the driver from receiving a ticket for expired inspection.

Two Steps, One Sticker

Texas Vehicle Inspection Sticker

J&T Automotive customers have asked if they will have to pay for two inspections this year, and the answer is NO. Throughout the first year of the Two Steps, One Sticker program from March 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016, a number of drivers will pass their 12 month inspection rotation in order to line up the inspection and registration dates.

Inspection Date Example:

  • Inspection sticker expires 10/15
  • Registration sticker expires 4/15

The vehicle owner in this example would be able to renew the registration in April 2015 and not need the inspection renewed until 2016 because the inspection sticker is still effective despite the expiring registration sticker date.

Next year, prior to the last day of April 2016, both the registration and inspection will be due for renewal.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has provided a handy calculator for determining when you should get your vehicle inspected at the following link:

Texas Vehicle Registration Sticker

Texas Vehicle Registration Sticker

The design of the current registration sticker is remaining the same. The registration sticker will now serve the dual purpose of validating both registration and inspection.

An Extra Fee Will Be Listed on Your Renewal Notice

State certified inspection stations, as of March 1, 2015, will stop collecting the state’s percentage of the inspection fee. The station will only collect their portion of the fee once the inspection has been completed, regardless of the vehicle passing or failing. The state will collect its fee portion at registration or renewal time.

Benefits of  Two Steps, One Sticker

According to the official Texas DMV Two Steps, One Sticker program site, the following are considered benefits:

  • Fraud Prevention: By eradicating the inspection sticker you remove the risk of state inspection sticker theft and fraud.
  • Cleaner Air & Safer Streets: Since passing the vehicle state inspection is required in order to renew state registration, Texas vehicle owners must comply with emissions and safety laws. The “Two Steps, One Sticker” program would help ensure a greater number of safe and environmentally sound vehicles are on our streets.
  • One Sticker, One Date: Perhaps you are one of the unlucky vehicle owners who have their inspection and registration stickers that expire months apart. The Two Steps, One Sticker program will sync the two into the same month on just one sticker.
  • Less Clutter, Better View: Why hinder your view with multiple stickers? Two Steps, One Sticker will eliminate the need to clutter your windshield with two stickers.

The enactment of Two Steps, One Sticker is a shared project of three state agencies per requirements of Texas state law:

  • The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV): this state department governs the Texas vehicle registration program.
  • The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS): administrates the vehicle safety inspection program for Texas.
  • The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): the testing program for Texas vehicle emissions.

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February 11, 2015